Roll On Sushi Diner’s newly appointed general manager, Reggie Ferguson, hopes to support the vision and continuous development of Roll On with his enthusiasm, fresh perspective and culinary experience.


What made you interested in going into the culinary arts?

My uncle had a BBQ place for 75 years (Angelo’s Barbecue) and my dad cooked a lot…I love food and cooking, it just fits my personality. It may sound cliche but I’m passionate about food, I’m a bit of a snob in the way that I’ll eat anything but it has to be done right.  


As general manager, what was your vision coming in to Roll On? 

I plan to tighten the ship by making sure we’re sending out the right product and presentation and to help open more stores and expand the business by making it scaleable. 


You’ve had a substantial amount of chef experience, what you made you interested in trading in your chef hat for a manager position? 

I’d thought about switching hats and I like and believe in the concept that Roll On has. I love sushi in that it represents how I want to eat and how i want to treat my body and I want to pass that along to our customers. Also, I like Chad and Chip…I think we see eye to eye. We’re all separate pieces that can work well together. 


What are some aspects of Roll On that make it work and makes the idea of expansion a possibility? 

It’s approachable as far as the menu with the Austin-inspired and unconventional rolls. If 4 people are going out to eat and 1 out of the 4 doesn’t like sushi, that group won’t have sushi. In other words, the diner has something for everybody. It’s also cost effective for families and groups. 


What is your vision in terms of enhancing the quality/appearance of the diner? 

Table seating since not everybody can sit at the tables we have. I want to be able to accommodate to everybody. We’re planning on revamping the menu so I have a couple of ideas from stuff I’ve done in the past and make them in a “Roll On” style; I’m never going to stop being a chef so I would want to put my own stamp on something I’ve worked to help put together. 

In light of our 2 year anniversary at Roll On Sushi Diner, we caught up with a couple of our loyal guests who have been dining at Roll On since the start: Todd Wolfson and Celia Brewer. 

What has your experience been like since you’ve been a guest here? 
Todd: It’s been a unique place that is just right with the food and service. I’ve turned a lot of my friends on to it, I love to teach other people about it. 
Celia At the heart of it all Chip and Chad have really worked hard to provide wonderful food, friendly atmosphere and good service. You can’t beat that commitment. 
What do you love about Roll On?
Todd: It’s good food at the right price, it’s really interesting and different and not the same old thing. 
CeliaIt is a treat to sit at the counter and talk to the chefs and sous chefs. We are in our fifties.  We grew up eating at diners and getting to know all the staff and regulars. It reminds us of those past times where you felt like “everyone knows your name.”
How have you seen the restaurant evolve over these past 2 years? 
Todd: It’s been very consistent unlike other restaurants that open. They have changed the menu and added a lot of new items that are great. 
CeliaI like the fact that they change up the menu specials and now open on Sundays.  
What is your favorite item on the menu? 
Todd: I really love things like the Beefy Texan and the Grouch. More of their offbeat stuff. 
CeliaI have gone through a fix on nearly every menu item and tonight I was introduced to the Deluxe Grouch. That will now replace my usual order of pork dumplings, The Grouch and The Beefy Texan. 

A Word from Chip and Chad Reed
What do you think are the factors that have contributed to Roll On becoming a well established sushi restaurant?
Our customers and staff have played a key role in that.  We keep our doors open because of them and the passion they bring to our business
2 years ago, when you first opened Roll On, what were goals you had set? How do they compare to the goals you have now?
We are still in the process of achieving those goals so that is to be continued.  We have made a point to create a place where everyone can come and eat whether they are sushi enthusiast or traditional diners.  Our goal is to bring our food and sushi to the masses.  We always want to support the local community whether it be schools or organizations.  We will continue to do this for years to come!
What have been some of your favorite moments these past 2 years at Roll On?  
Watching our staff grow and become better service people both in the community and to our guests.  The creating of new menu items have been a blast!  We are also ramping up our catering and having a branded vehicle was a big moment.
Favorite item on the menu?
That’s a tough question!  Every menu item is great but my go to rolls are the Dream Roll, Spicy Tuna Crunch, Super Grouch and Fire Sticks…  We also have some new menu items that are going to blow people away like our Baja Roll (think of a baja fish taco).
What plans/goals do you have up next for Roll On? 
We are building out our leadership team in the next coming months and by the end of the year will be looking for new locations with hope of starting construction next May.


Join us Wednesday, July 4th for a special event at Roll On Sushi Diner!  We will be introducing our new Head Chef, Patrick Acuna and some of our new roll specials.  Happy Hour prices on beverages all day long!

Stop by from 4pm-7pm Monday-Friday for these new specials!
Are you craving rolls you wish you saw here? Do our Happy Hour times not work best for you? Let us know! Send us a direct message on Facebook:

Stop by from 4pm-7pm Monday-Friday for these new specials!

Are you craving rolls you wish you saw here? Do our Happy Hour times not work best for you? Let us know! Send us a direct message on Facebook:

We’re going to be introducing new ways to save at our diner! Each month, we will introduce new ways to get 10% off your bill. For the month of May, we’re celebrating:

Mustache Mondays - Are you sporting a Dalí, a handlebar, or a Fu Manchu? Perhaps you’re just a Ron Burgundy enthusiast or a longtime Burt Reynolds fan. No matter what type of mustache adorns your top lip, get 10% off your bill when you show off your ‘stache at the diner!

Tattoo Tuesdays - Are you addicted to ink as much as you’re addicted to our sushi? Show off your tats for 10% off your bill!

Food Drive Fridays - We’re all about sushi for charity! Get 10% off your bill for bringing in canned goods or non-perishable food items; we’ll donate them to the Capital Area Food Bank of Texas!

Join us during Austin Restaurant Week from March 25 - March 28 and again from April 1 - April 4!  We have a 3 items lunch combo for $11 and a 5 item dinner combo for $26.  We are donating $1 of each meal sold to Meals On Wheels.  Look forward to seeing you all at the Diner!

The definition of brunch: a combination of breakfast and lunch usually served in the late morning = hangover food!

I enjoy a good brunch usually after a night of heavy drinking (ish) where I need something a little heavier and even some “hair of the dog”  You all will love our menu and the Sakemary is out of this world!!!!


SAKEMARY - $2.00

SAKEMOSA - $2.00

The “ROLL” OUT OF BED - $2.50

Bacon, Sausage, or Migas

Scrambled eggs, choice of meat (or migas), hash browns, and cheddar cheese wrapped in a egg roll with chipotle aioli or cream gravy



Salmon crabcake, avocado, chipotle hollandaise, and house made pico de gallo served on tortilla crusted sushi rice pad

Do you have a “special someone”? Are you your own “special someone”? Either way…Spend Valentines Day with Roll On Sushi Diner. We’ll feed you and love you like you are our own special Valentine. Take a look at our special Valentines Day menu. 

Do you have a “special someone”? Are you your own “special someone”? Either way…Spend Valentines Day with Roll On Sushi Diner. We’ll feed you and love you like you are our own special Valentine. Take a look at our special Valentines Day menu. 

Joshua Vail is Roll On Sushi Diner’s Executive Chef who just so happens to be a hip hop artist.  Below are some of his thoughts on his culinary passion and lifestyle.  He might perform this for you behind the sushi bar if you ask nicely J   Enjoy!

“This world expands at an exponential rate. Yet within this high speed era, we all slow down to enjoy the essence of life - quite simply, food.

Since man could cook over fire, our palettes have been expanding. For example, my parents wouldn’t think to enjoy sushi, but my young children couldn’t imagine a world without it.

From clay pots to molecular gastronomy, we have pulled immaculate experiences from a globe’s worth of ingredients giving sustenance new dimension.

This makes me wonder. Is culinary passion the one thing that truly binds us together?”

-         Joshua Vail

More to come from our staff and what they are passionate about!  Roll On supports local artists and musicians along with serving great food!

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